Motor Vehicle Liability

Motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents, account for the majority of all personal injury claims. Individuals and their insurers involved in a claim or lawsuit require specialized representation to protect their interests. Defending against auto accidents can be a complex matter. Our experienced civil defense attorneys are knowledgeable about a vast number of defenses that may bar a plaintiff from recovery or limit a defendant’s exposure to monetary damages.

The experienced civil defense attorneys at Lavery Law represent insurance companies, insured drivers and individual defendants in a wide range of auto accident claims, including: car accidents, bus accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents and ATV accidents. We handle disputes in all phases of litigation, including pre-litigation demands, mediation, arbitration and trial.

Lavery Law is highly adept at defending truckers, trucking companies, and their insurers. Truck accident litigation often involves high value claims and extensive investigations. The lawyers at Lavery Law are equipped to handle even the most complex claims. Success in the defense of a trucking case begins at the scene with a quick response team of accident reconstruction specialists preserving the evidence at the accident site. This includes photographing the accident scene, taking measurements, interviewing eye-witnesses, the truck driver and other participants involved in the accident and the investigating police officers. If necessary, a reconstruction of the accident may include an animation recreating the accident. Our firm also addresses claims of negligence and violations Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code and violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.

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